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No one gets divorced because of the issue – whether it be parenting, finances, or an affair.  They get divorced because of the way they handle (or don’t handle) the issue.

The two partners heading toward divorce, might think that it is the issues they are facing that are driving them toward divorce.  In reality, it is not the issues that matter all that much, it is whether or not they are properly communicating, making necessary changes, and finding the healing necessary to move forward in a healthy relationship – in the midst of their issues and problems.

A couple dealing with those very same issues, and handling them with the proper process (communication, willingness to change, and finding healing) can strengthen their marriage and produce a closer bond after the conflict than before.

It’s not the issue that counts, it’s the process that counts.

Focus on the process.  Learn healthy conflict resolutions skills and your marriage will be “fireproof”.  You’ll be able to make it through the toughest of circumstances with the right skills.  Or stay in your old, unhealthy patterns and the lightest of breezes will blow you off course.  The choice is up to you.


What process in your life do you need to amend?

What relationship could benefit from a healthier process?

Why not start now?

Corina Helgestad imageCorina Helgestad is a professional counselor who especially likes working with teen girls in such areas as self-esteem, cutting, suicide, depression, and anxiety. She says this about her work as a counselor, “One of the best aspects of my life is helping others succeed in theirs.” To learn more about Corina, or to set up an appointment click here.

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