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In a small town near where I live, there is single blinking red traffic light.  There are many intersections in the town, but this light marks the only true crossroads in the community.  Depending on what you do at this stop light, you can experience some very different outcomes.

I have noticed that God allows crossroads along my journey.  As I consider those already in my rearview mirror, I note that at all true crossroads in my life, He has always provided the opportunity to stop.

God is not vindictive and spiteful.  He does not bring us to crossroads to get back at us for not driving right.  I believe the Bible shows that He allows crossroads to give us opportunity to pause and reflect; to consider and even to ask for direction.  Sometimes we need the crossroads to remind us that the journey is not some mindless wandering.  We need to be reminded that there is a purpose and that we need to consider the outcomes are not ultimately about what we want.  The way may be straight and narrow, but there is still a map to consult.  There is still a Map Maker who just happens to also be the Road Builder – and He loves to talk about both.

Are you at a crossroads?  Is there a blinking red light?  You are free to move, but maybe you are there so that you can take a little time to get refocused, re-grounded, or possible get out of the drivers seat.

Listen.  Don’t be afraid to wait.  Where do you go from here Image Bearer?

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